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All Calgary Siding Painters are not created equal. About Painting’s procedure for Painting Cedar and Wood Siding in Calgary is different then what many other Siding Painters use. After the agreed on preparation to the Wood Siding surfaces, About Painting applies one full coat of exterior oil based primer, tinted to match the finish coat on 100% of the area being painted. Unfortunately due to environmental concerns many oil primers have been discontinued and we can no longer tint primers to very dark colors. Normally we then apply one more full coat of exterior latex paint or stain on 100% of the surface being painted. If we can not prime the whole area, we must spot prime the bare wood and apply two finish coats to the areas being painted.

On many paint and stain instruction labels they say the product is self priming. Read the label carefully most products are not meant to go over bare surfaces. If you are not sealing bare surfaces, especially bone dry surfaces on the sunny west and south sides of the house. The dry surfaces will continue to suck up paint like a sponge. This leaves the house looking exactly like it was before it was painted in a year or two. The oil primer seals the surface and bonds to the previous coating, the latex top coat is for superior colour retention. About Painting is one of the few Siding Painting Companies in Calgary that uses this procedure. It takes more time to do things right.

Calgary Siding Painting – What to look for

Some painters when painting siding, apply primer to the areas that are bare wood (5-10% of the area being painted) and follow this up with one coat of finish on the balance of the area being painted. Some painting companies use a combination oil latex paint that is supposed to be self priming, i.e.. (no primer required).

It would be in your best interests to inquire with your potential painting contractor what is their idea of two coats. Especially if the areas described are being painted the same colour again. It is difficult for us to compete on price if you are not receiving two full coats of paint. If you would like us to spot prime damaged areas and apply one coat of same colour finish you will find our prices extremely competitive. We would appreciate pricing the same amount of work someone else is quoting you. It is important that you know what our competition is quoting vs what we are quoting.

Siding Painters in Calgary – What we do and why

  • Confirm colours and areas for each colour.
  • Carefully pull back shrubs, bushes, and flower beds and cover with plastic prior to painting exterior surfaces.
  • We take all precautions to avoid trampling flower beds.
  • Cover concrete, grass, & all other areas not being painted with drop cloths.
  • About Painting starts the work by doing the agreed on preparation on exterior wood surfaces followed by a full coat of oil primer to the entire area being painted.
  • This seals in all water stains, seals bare wood, stops tannin bleed through (cedar homes) as well as provides an excellent base for the latex top coat.
  • The exterior latex paint top coat has superior color retention and will leave the exterior of your building looking freshly painted for years to come.
  • The professional painting procedure for wood done by About Painting is recommended by the Master Painting & Decorating Association as the best system there is out there for painting Calgary homes.
  • We paint siding with large, professional, and competent crews by brush and roller,NOT spray. Painting siding with a brush and roller is more time consuming and applies a lot more product.The idea behind this is to force additional product into the fibers of the wood.
  • The foreman will inspect the exterior paint job with the customer (if home) while the other painters start cleaning up.
  • Once the Siding Painting is complete we will give you several days to look around and will then arrange inspection and touch ups before final payment.

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