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Stipple Ceiling Painting, Textured Ceiling Painting, Popcorn Ceiling Painting, whatever you would like to call it, lets use Ceiling Painting to make it easier.

Calgary Ceiling Painting: Ceiling Painters Preparation

Normally when it comes to Painting Ceilings as in most painting jobs, the preparation is the majority of the work. What we require from the potential client in most cases is that they remove little breakable or expensive items and pictures from the areas we will be Painting Ceilings in.

The majority of Calgary Ceiling Painters spray the ceilings, the only reason you would not spray the ceilings is the painter does not own a pump to do so, not a good sign. For Ceiling Painters in Calgary, the days of looking overhead, rolling out ceilings by hand, your face and upper body covered in stipple and paint are long gone.

Not to mention the fact that if you are rolling out ceilings that have not been painted before you may very well have the ceiling stipple coming off with your roller, trust me you really don’t want to go there.

  • After removing pictures and breakables in the rooms to be painted the ceiling painters procedure is to run 12″ of paper along the ceiling line at the top of your walls
  • We then drape 9′ plastic down the walls from there to the floor, this protects all your walls and saves moving some large furniture.
  • All Calgary Ceiling Painters should drape all of the rest of the furniture with plastic and run cotton drop cloths on all the floors.

Normally these days when Painting Ceilings the painters will use latex paint with a minimal sheen (flat), as of September 2010 they discontinued oil based paints and solvent based paints for environmental reasons although there are still specialty products available for sealing up stains and painting ceilings that have been let go too long.

Ceiling Painting Process

The normal procedure for Painting Ceilings at About Painting are as follows, we spray the ceiling from 2 different directions to insure the ceiling stipple has been thoroughly covered although this is still considered one coat not two, your stipple has to be sprayed from several different angles. The only time your Ceiling Painting should require two coats is if the ceiling is going to be painted a colour other than white.

Ceiling Painters Concerns

There are several areas of concern when Ceiling Painting in Calgary, one of the problems is that when painting ceilings (only in some houses) the tape you apply to the upper wall area must be on quite securely, unfortunately sometimes when you remove this tape if there is a poor quality paint, very old paint, or fresh paint on the walls you can tear some of this off.  With any luck at all you will have some old wall paint for touch ups otherwise you may be painting the walls in these areas as the new types of environmentally friendly paints will not match the old paint on the walls.

The other item we run into when painting Calgary ceilings although it is not common, is that occasionally when painting ceilings the existing stipple will fall off in chunks or drop from the ceiling, simply because for several years in Calgary there was a new stipple put out that did not require priming the drywall before stippling the ceiling, this did not work so well.

Another cause of this happening is simple neglect from the people doing the ceilings originally trying to save some money by not priming. The end result of no priming on the ceilings is that the stipple cannot grab the smooth finish on the drywall and will let go over time, especially in bathrooms where the additional water weight will cause it to drop. If this does occur it has nothing to do with your ceiling painter, the surface of the drywall under the stipple will not be white and is quite noticeable, Your ceiling painter usually cannot see this problem unless there is existing stipple already falling off.

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