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Exterior Painting Calgary – There seems to be a little confusion in in the painting industry these days, particularly when it comes to Exterior Painting. Our Exterior Painters in Calgary are familiar with all aspects of exterior painting, siding, soffit, facia, windows, doors, stucco, whether it is a Residential or Commercial project. We have painted thousands of exteriors in the last 20 years operating in Calgary and area.

At About Painting, when painting exterior wood, after the agreed on preparation to the wood surfaces, we apply one full coat of exterior oil based primer tinted to match the finish coat on 100% of the area to be painted depending on whether they are wood or other material.

We then apply one more full coat of exterior latex paint or stain on 100% of the area to be painted. This is our idea of two coats of paint on the exterior of a home.

The oil primer seals the surface and bonds to the previous coating, the latex top coat is for superior colour retention. Apparently we are one of the few companies that use this procedure. Some of the Exterior Painting Companies apply primer to the areas that are bare wood (5-10% of the area being painted) and follow this up with one coat of finish on the balance of the area to be painted. Some painting companies use a combination oil latex hybrid paint that is supposed to be self priming as well, I.E. (no primer required).

It would probably be in your best interests to inquire with your potential Calgary Exterior Painters what is their idea of two coats of paint. This is very important especially if the areas described are being painted the same colour again. It is difficult for us to compete on price if you are not receiving two full coats of paint, if you would like us to spot prime damaged areas and apply one coat of same colour finish you will find our prices extremely competitive.

We would appreciate pricing the same amount of work someone else is quoting you. It is important that you know what our competition is quoting. We offer the best in exterior painting – Exterior Painters Calgary.

Calgary Exterior Painters – What we will do!

  • Confirm colours and areas for each colour.
  • Carefully pull back shrubs, bushes, and flower beds and cover with plastic prior to painting surfaces.
  • We take all precautions to avoid trampling flower beds.
  • Cover concrete, grass, & all other areas not being painted with drop cloths.
  • About Painting starts the work by doing the agreed on preparation on wood surfaces followed by a full coat of oil primer to the entire area being painted.
  • This seals in all water stains, seals bare wood, stops tannin bleed through (cedar homes) as well as provides an excellent base for the latex top coat.
  • The latex paint top coat has superior color retention and will leave the exterior of your building looking freshly painted for years to come.
  • The foreman will inspect the painting with the customer (if the customer is home) while the other painters start cleaning up.
  • Once the painters are finished we will give you several days to look around and will then arrange inspection and touch ups before final payment.
  • The professional painting procedure for wood done by About Painting is recommended by the Master Painting & Decorating Association as the best system there is out there for painting Calgary homes.

Exterior Painting Calgary Clients have many choices for selecting an Exterior Painter in Calgary. Options range from several thousand individual Painters, small Painting Companies in Calgary, up to several dozen larger Painting Contractors.

Our Exterior Painting is done by experienced Professional Painters. Our crews of Painters are Professional, Reasonable, and Reliable. All Painting Projects are completed with minimal disruption to your house or business by large fast crews.

At About Painting whether you require an Painter for a day or a large number of Painters for weeks we can handle all your Painting needs. About Painting also specializes in larger Painting projects ranging from complete House Painting to complete Commercial Buildings.

Calgary Exterior Painting

We are Professional Calgary Exterior Painters with extensive experience. About Painting has handled all aspects of Painting for over 20 years. We are Fully Licensed, Insured, Covered by WBC and are A+ Rated Members of the Better Business Bureau.

When you make inquiries about Exterior Painting, it is important to understand what you are getting for your money. Other Painters may quote you a good price, but what are you getting for your money?

We use only the best Painting procedures to stand up to Calgary’s unpredictable weather. We are Professional Exterior Painters that have been Painting in Calgary over 20 Years. Give us a call today:

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Calgary Exterior Painters
Exterior Painters Calgary – At About Painting we use Premium Quality Exterior Painting & Staining Procedures. Our goal is to deliver on time by means of best painting techniques and following first-class Painting practices.

  • Quick Guide to Painting Wood by About Painting. We do not spray the stain on exterior siding. We paint Siding and Wood with large, professional, and competent crews by brush and roller, not spray.
  • We are capable of serving whatever your Painting needs are..

Stucco Painting

  • Quick Guide to Stucco Painting by About Painting. When estimating your Stucco Painting project in Calgary, we look for signs of failure such as peeling paint, rust stains, and water damage to the Stucco.
  • We supply you with a detailed paint job estimate. We are Professional, Reasonable, and Reliable Exterior Painting Specialists.
  • For  Professional Stucco Painting in Calgary About Painting is consistently rated one of the top three Painting Companies in Calgary.
  • We take pride in our work and it shows. Call us today for a Free Exterior Painting Estimate!
  • Stucco Painting – More Information

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