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Interior Painting Costs – To arrange for Interior Painting Prices our Estimating Process is quick and easy.  About Painting Ltd. is a licensed, insured, and reputable Painting Company consistently rated one of the top 3 Painting Companies in Calgary.

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Interior Painting Prices In Calgary

Interior Painting Costs in Calgary vary a lot, entirely dependent on what your painting needs are. For an accurate Interior Painting Quote in Calgary, you really need to specify what you would like your painter to do.


The most important aspect of an Interior Painting Estimate in Calgary is preparation, this is the biggest stumbling block for all painters and painting customers in Calgary.
  • If the Interior Painter overprices the preparation by bidding on a perfect job, that Calgary painter and his crew will be out of work, if on the other hand he underbids the painting preparation he and the client will have a major disagreement.
  • Ideally the Interior Painter bids his preparation somewhere in the middle, what he thinks will be adequate to make the client happy without sending him to the poorhouse. What the customers expectations are should be very clearly defined up front
  •  If the customer wants a reasonably good job done without breaking their budget let the painter know what you expect.  If on the other hand, you or your other half are very particular and you expect a perfect job, let the painter know beforehand and save each of you a ton of grief.
  • Yes, this will cost you more money but you will not be disappointed. Many customers when having Interior Painting work done are not aware of the fact that when the painting is done is not the time to bring up the fact you are not happy with the degree of preparation done.
  • Redoing the preparation does not constitute a minor detail, it involves repainting the entire area where the imperfections are, i.e.: the entire wall or walls at considerable cost to the painter.

At About Painting our estimates are very detailed and all your Interior Painting Estimates should be the same.  A verbal price or number on the back of a business card will lead you to grief.

What you should be looking for on any Calgary Interior Painting Estimate is 2 coats of a good scrubbable acrylic latex. In my opinion, paint will do one of two things, it will wash (two coats) or it will cover in one coat (not wash) despite what the label says, it will not do both in one coat.

High hide Paints or toned eggshells are normally not scrubbable and are meant for ease of touchups and not wash ability. Specify what your needs are, ask some questions. 

Painting Interior Trim and Woodwork is the next item on the list.

In many of the houses in Calgary the woodwork has been coated with lacquer, at About Painting we apply a primer first, to adhere to the lacquer followed by two finish coats of latex, this is the best way of insuring a good long term paint job.

Many Calgary Interior Painters do not prime the woodwork, they apply two coats of product that are supposed to be self priming, i.e.: two coats not three on the woodwork the difference in Cost on Painting the Interior Woodwork and Trim is 30%+ cheaper, find out what you are getting for your money and compare apples to apples.

I hope this has been of some assistance to you. Please call today, if you have any questions or would like to book a no obligation Painting Estimate for Residential Interior Painting projects, Free Interior House Painting Estimates.

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