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Calgary Exterior Stucco Painting – Need your Calgary stucco painted? When it comes to painting stucco in Calgary, at About Painting, we prefer to paint with exterior flat latex or stucco coat, one full coat followed by another full coat 3 or 4 hours later. Which is my understanding of what two coats of paint means.

Some of the Calgary Stucco Painting Companies out there like to use Elastomeric Coatings which when done properly, is a good system. If you have done your research, you will find Elastomeric Coatings are to be applied at 75 to 100 square feet per gallon per coat. (i.e.: 20 to 25 gallons per coat based on 2000 square feet of stucco). Two coats is equal to 8 to 11 five gallon pails at $150.00 per pail for a medium grade of Elastomeric Coating.

It puzzles me as to how a 2000 square foot home can be painted for $2500.00 when the material costs are better than 50% of that cost. To get the manufacturer’s warranty, which many of these contractors claim; you will need the representative from the supplier of the paint company to confirm the proper amount of this product has been purchased and applied to get your warranty paperwork.

We are Calgary Stucco Painters consistently rated one of the top three Painting Companies in Calgary. We take pride in our work and it shows. Call us today for a free Exterior Painting Estimate!

About Painting has an A+ BBB rating, is professional, reasonable, reliable, and has been Stucco Painting in Calgary for over 25 years.

Stucco Painting Calgary

What our Calgary Stucco Painters will do:

  • Confirm colours and area for each colour.
  • Carefully pull back shrubs, bushes, and flower beds and cover with plastic prior to painting house surfaces.
  • We take all precautions to avoid trampling flower beds.
  • Cover concrete, grass, & all other areas not being painted with drop cloths.
  • About Painting starts the work by doing the agreed on preparation on exterior stucco surfaces being painted.
  • The foreman will inspect the exterior painting with the customer (if home) while the other painters start cleaning up.
  • Once the exterior stucco painting is complete we will give you several days to look around and will then arrange inspection and touch ups before final payment.

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