Painting Costs Calgary - Painting Prices Calgary

Painting Costs Calgary – Painting Prices Calgary

Painting Costs Calgary – Painting Prices in Calgary vary tremendously dependent entirely on the quality and skills of your painter and the scope of your painting needs.

One of the first questions we hear from many potential painting clients is How Much is the Cost of the Painting. This depends entirely on whether you are looking for one coat of paint on a rental property or looking to do a good job on your own house.

About Painting does not do one coat maintenance painting, we like to do things properly. Our Calgary Painting Estimate process is quick and easy. About Painting is a licensed, insured, and reputable Painting Company located in Calgary, Alberta.

About Painting paints more than 600 businesses and houses every year in Calgary, Alberta and is consistently independently rated as one of the top three Painting Companies in Calgary.

We provide no cost Painting Estimates for both residential and commercial painting projects. Set up your Painting Quote today to get an accurate idea of Calgary Painting Costs.

Calgary Painting Estimates

An often asked question from potential Calgary Painting Clients is; can you give us a Painting Estimate on the internet or phone or can your Painting Company drive by and leave a painting quote in the mailbox, the answer to this is no.

What many people don’t understand is that painters lack enough information about an unseen paint job to give you an accurate and honest Painting Price on the phone or internet.

Many people ask for a Painting Price based on the square footage of the house or building involved. How can a painter give you an accurate Painting Cost when the house in question for example is a 1500 bungalow; is this a house with a semi retired couple in it that has downsized from a larger 2500 square foot house and still has the same amount of furniture making any rapid progress in the painting very difficult, is the house empty, has the house been painted in the last 15 years, has the house been painted poorly the last 2 or 3 times.

The woodwork and trim may be oil based or lacquer requiring a primer first, were they heavy smokers, is their wallpaper on the walls, have they removed wall paper or painted the over it, there are so many variables.

I feel that the only way to give a fair and honest Painting Quote is to come out and look at the site to be painted. Over the phone or internet painting guesstimates can lead to bad painting quotes leaving the Painting Company looking like a foolish.

It is a no win for a painter, when he is asked to guesstimate a paint job. Most people do not want to turn over their hard earned dollars to someone they have never met.

If you are serious about a Painting Estimate, do yourself a favor and meet the painter at the site of the property that needs painting. I hope this has been of some assistance to you.

Interior Painting and Exterior Painting Estimate Process

  • About Painting™ professional and ethical project estimators will give you a detailed cost and time of your paint project. Colour consultations available.
  • We are capable of serving whatever your Interior Home Painting needs are.
  • Call us today or visit our Interior Painting Costs page for more information on Interior Painting Cost Estimates.

Commercial Interior Painting Estimates & Exterior Painting Estimates

  • About Painting specializes in commercial repaints which require large or small crews to complete work quickly with a minimum of disruption to the businesses we are working in.
  • We can arrange 1 painter for a small job or up to 15 painters for a large job. In short we are capable of serving whatever your commercial needs are.
  • Call us today for a free Commercial Estimates: Interior Painting Estimates or Exterior Painting Estimates. Painting Calgary Alberta for over 25 years!
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